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IDW’s Fresh Take Has Me Asking Some Questions

Written by mtrakker on . Posted in Blog Post

We are seeing a few different renditions of the characters so far from IDW Publishing. I’m not 100% sure on what their final results will be since we have seen a few different things with the Revolution series so far. I can tell you that I like the designs and characters layouts but I do have to question a few things.

Thanks to Newsarama for a great interview!

1. Where is Bruce Sato?

2. Where is Hondo?

3. Why does Mayhem look like he is 70 years old and the rest of the cast in their early 20’s?

I know that getting everyone back in will be somewhat of a challenge but the core needs to be there to appease the fans, young and old. I can understand leaving out T-Bob but there are some holes here. I’m sure it will all come together, just a few things that I’ve noticed so far with the---------------